WHAT: A mind-bending new music video from Cassius, featuring Pharrell Williams and Cat Power.

WHO: Paris-based director Alexandre Courtes.

WHY WE CARE: A cassette tape and a car. An ironing board and the Swiss Alps. A butterfly and an elephant. Things that do not go together at all have a way of mingling in the latest video from French electro artists, Cassius. A new video for the bouncy “Go Up” features a split-screen for the ages–mixing up unlikely people, places, and things, like a randomized jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes the visuals complement each other, as when a snorkel on the bottom half receives a smoke stack on the top. Other times the images interact, like when a flicking finger that fills most of the left screen appears to propel a diver into the ocean on the right. The amount of stock footage director Courtes went through to find all these corresponding images must have been staggering. It was certainly worth it, though.